The purpose of the regulation

The overall purpose of the regulation of complaint handling is to make the inquiry, the registration and evaluation of the complaints an elemental part of our Company’s activity in order to highly satisfy our Clients’ interests and claims.
This regulation helps our Clients to easily and effectively pass their opinions and complaints to the proper forums and achieve a faster solution.

Definition of complaint

According to present regulation, complaint is a written excuse that aims at the investigation of a question, the conduction of an action or the submission of a financial claim that forms part of the operation and activity of Abacus-Audit Kft.

Methods of complaint handling

Ways of submission of complaints to Abacus-Audit Kft:

  • Mail to 1071 Budapest, Dózsa György út 66 or fax to +36 1 789 7252
  • E-mail to SPAM védett e-mail cím or to the e-mail addresses of the employees of Abacus-Audit Kft.

Verbal complaint can not be submitted, complainants should use the Book of Complaints provided by costumer service at the seat of Abacus-Audit Kft.

The investigation and answer of the complaint.

Our Company, after investigating throughoutly the case, will send it’s decision and provisions with proper justification to the Client in 30 days after the submission. If required, our Company informs our Clients of the result of the investigation by telephone or by e-mail.

Our Company keeps to the shortest deadlines and makes sure that the complaint is investigated, rectified or rejected according to the operative laws. The decisions are plain and considered, and sent to the Client with reaction to all suggested problems.

Our Company do not charge the Clients for investigating the compliment.


The regulation of complaint handling can be downloaded here.

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