Crisis practice and debt management

We provide the following help to companies in crucial situations:

•    Information of leadership about the firm’s financial situation
•    Suggestions on managing substance in tax
•    Reconciliation and contact with creditors
•    Creation of stabilization plan

We contribute in corporal dissolvency and eduction from market. By keeping straight to the relevant laws, we provide consultancy in:

•    Reasonable termination of function
•    Optimal redistribution of wealth
•    Concrete method of firm termination

Reorganization and corporal organization

After screening the company, we make a detailed reorganization plan and if needed, we take an active part in the implementation. Therefore, our tasks are:

•    Determination of unused assets
•    Recovering sources of loss
•    Measurement of liquidity
•    Determine and optimize stock and liabilities
•    Determine additional needs of resource

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