Crisis treatment and bankruptcy management

We provide the following support for companies in critical financial situation:

We contribute to the liquidation of companies and the exit from market. Therefore – with full observation of laws – we give advice in:

Reorganization and company organization

After the revision of the company we make a detailed reorganization plan and – if required – we take active part in the implementation. Our tasks are:


The main task of the liquidator is to represent the interests of the creditors in the liquidation process and to satisfy the requisites of them. A good cooperation between liquidator and creditor is crucial, which we would like to support with the following informatives:


The cooperative behaviour between debtor and liquidator is a must to achieve a smooth insolvency procedure. This kind of cooperation is controlled by law and the interest of every participant of the insolvency procedure is to make the former superiors observe all law disciplines. By demonstrating the liabilities and warrants we would like to lend assistance to this.